Recent publications (2015 or later) from research supported by the SHCS Foundation

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Title of publication (click on the title to view the abstract)
The Characteristics of Heterozygous Protein Truncating Variants in the Human Genome
In Vivo Profiling and Distribution of Known and Novel Phase I and Phase II Metabolites of Efavirenz in Plasma, Urine, and Cerebrospinal Fluid
HIV resistance testing and detected drug resistance in Europe
HIV-1 Drug Resistance and Second-Line Treatment in Children Randomized to Switch at Low Versus Higher RNA Thresholds
Estimating the dynamics and dependencies of accumulating mutations with applications to HIV drug resistance
Polymorphisms of large effect explain the majority of the host genetic contribution to variation of HIV-1 virus load
Vitamin D time profile based on the contribution of non-genetic and genetic factors in HIV-infected individuals of European ancestry
Virological outcome and management of persistent low-level viraemia in HIV-1-infected patients: 11 years of the Swiss HIV Cohort Study
Assessing the Paradox Between Transmitted and Acquired HIV Type 1 Drug Resistance Mutations in the Swiss HIV Cohort Study From 1998 to 2012
Molecular Analyses Define V alpha 7.2-J alpha 33+ MAIT Cell Depletion in HIV Infection A Case-Control Study
The Interplay Between Host Genetic Variation, Viral Replication, and Microbial Translocation in Untreated HIV-Infected Individuals
Persistence of Transmitted HIV-1 Drug Resistance Mutations Associated with Fitness Costs and Viral Genetic Backgrounds
Additive effects of HLA alleles and innate immune genes determine viral outcome in HCV infection
Simultaneously estimating evolutionary history and repeated traits phylogenetic signal: applications to viral and host phenotypic evolution
A Diagnostic HIV-1 Tropism System Based on Sequence Relatedness
Low-frequency drug-resistant HIV-1 and risk of virological failure to first-line NNRTI-based ART: a multicohort European case-control study using centralized ultrasensitive 454 pyrosequencing
An updated prediction model of the global risk of cardiovascular disease in HIV-positive persons: The Data-collection on Adverse Effects of Anti-HIV Drugs (D:A:D) study