Projects – core genetics



In 2001, the Swiss HIV Cohort study (SHCS) identified the potential for genetic and then genomic analyses in the understanding of HIV pathogenesis, treatment and prognosis. This led to the organisation of the Core Genetic project with the goal of

  • integrating host genotype data in the cohort database.
  • establishing a DNA collection.
  • stimulating genetic analysis within SHCS research projects.
  • providing basic laboratories support to foster genetic in HIV cell biology, pharmacogenetics, and toxicogenetics.

Specific achievements (2012 – present)

With a budget of 70K for the year 2012, the genetic core structure encompasses the following research activities:

Immediate availability of DNA for specific projects and dispatching.

  • Processing of new samples for DNA and RNA storage.
  • Entering genotype information in the SHCS central database.
  • Developing/improving the software and annotation of genetic data in the central database.
  • Genotyping support for new genetic variants.
  • Study coordination for projects of various PIs.